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ISE2020 -Tradeshow Rai Amsterdam The netherlands
Time : 2019/12/26    Clicks : 308    Public:Shenzhen Talk Display Technology Co., Ltd.

SHENZHEN TALK DISPLAY TECH CO., LTD. is one of the exhibitors of ISE 2020 trade-show.

Event dates: Feb. 11 to 14 at RAI Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Sincerely, we invite you to visit our booth at the trade-show. Booth Number: 12-K26

Please use invitation code 435404 to register at this link for free-entry.

We are going to sell exhibition LED screens after exhibition ends,Package and ship the displays after the exhibition ends,with EU import tax paid, freight paid.

Please do not hesitate to contact for pricing if interested.

Exhibition products

1. 5500 nits Indoor P3.9 transparent LED screen: 2m x 5m plus spare parts.

Aluminium LED cabinet 500*1000mm

With acrylic glass in front of cabinet for protection.

Back maintenance. Hanging bar included.Nova-star system.

2. 5500 nits Outdoor P3.7 video screen: 1.08m x 2.16m.

360*720mm aluminium LED panel,with installation frames.

Front access maintenance.IP67 waterproof rating.

EMC compliance.

We expect to meet you at our booth.