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Why Partner with TalkLED? 

We are TalkLED, a company focusing on high-end indoor and outdoor LED display designing and producing. We have all kinds of LED displays that help you build profits.
Here are a few reasons why customers continue to choose our people, products and services:
Ten years experience in LED Display field.             
High Quality, We deliver what we promise, Reliable products.
Thousands of LED displays all over the world        Global brands components, precise engineering,strict quality control.
One of the first modular LED panel factories.        Three to fives years warranty. free training .24 hours online tech support.

Truely multi-functional LED Display panels.            Products Certified for worldwide market, including but not limited to:
Uniform size LED display panel 360*720mm.        CE.ROHS,TUV,LTD, EMC-(CLASS B), FCC.
Suitable for Fixed installation,Rental Installation,     
Shaped installation and front access installation.      

User Friendly Softwares.                                                        Short Lead-time of Orders.
Software support real time program management.         Sample order lead-time 1~3 working days.
support wireless control via WLAN,4G, and internet.       Bulk order lead-time about 7 working days.